Toronto’s Other Leafs…

The Toronto Maple Leaf Baseball Club is one of ten teams in the Major Intercounty Baseball League, a competitive adult league playing in southern Ontario.

The League has been active since 1919, and its growing popularity is evident as more and more fans come out to the games.

And it's clear as the league itself expands to encompass new cities and new communities - just six teams as recently as 1999, now ten teams are competing (the new Oshawa Dodgers start play this season).

Team members, all Intercounty players, are amateur independent baseball players, and good ones. A number have been, or have gone on to be, professional major leaguers.

This year, for example, former Blue Jays Rob Butler and Paul Spoljaric will don the blue and white for the baseball Leafs. Tim Harkness, another former Major Leaguer, will skipper the team this season.

In the Intercounty League, players hold regular jobs; they have real lives outside of sports. But they play ball for the fun, excitement thrill and joy of it.

The fans come out for the same reasons - maybe more...

Toronto Maple Leaf home games are played at Christie Pits; admission is free.

There’s real green grass underfoot (and underseat, too – as most fans lounge on a grassy hill overlooking the field). A wide open sunny sky overhead.

This is baseball the way it was meant to be played, free of the hype and histrionics, the fame and fortune that may well be killing big league ball.

This is baseball where the price is right; there’s always a great seat, the players are accesible and the fans are friendly. They even let you bring your own food!

There’s a wholesome, family environment at the games. You'll find a playground, a swimming pool, picnic tables and a snack bar nearby. But there's always a focused intent fan above third base.

It's the perfect setting for a community - a great place for people to get together, talk a good game, share a few stories, enjoy the day with friends and family and passers-by.

A good place to talk baseball; at the Pits - and on this Website!

We plan to share a few stories, too. Some of those games - some of those conversations - will be added to this site over the course of time. Of course, you're welcome and invited to join in...

If you have a story to share about the Maple Leaf Baseball Club, their friends, fans and community, pull up a chair and let us know.

You can contact the website co-ordinator, the team owner and the League by checking The Contacts page.




First baseman Bill Byckowski's greatest sports achievements were realized in baseball; he played in the Intercounty league for several years. A five-time Leaf all-star, Bill rang up three batting titles and had a lifetime batting average of .389.

A Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Bill was recruited for the Canadian National Baseball Squad that competed in the 1987 Pan American Games and the 1988 Seoul Olympics.